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Holiday Range Closures

Posted November 23, 2014


Just a reminder: All ranges on the Poulsbo Sportsman Club property are closed for shooting activities on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. This means the shotgun, rifle, pistol, and primitive ranges are closed and it includes all afterhours shooting activities as well as member’s access via gate card.



Here are the upcoming dates:


• Thanksgiving Day - November 27, 2014


• Christmas Day - December 25, 2014


• New Year’s Day - January 1, 2015


Also note we will close early at 12:30 PM on Christmas Eve.


Warren Polensky
Range Operations


Notice of Elections for Club Officers

Posted November 6, 2014

Bylaws, Standing Rules and Meeting Minutes


The election of PSC Officers for 2015 will be held at our monthly meeting on December 2, 2014. You can vote at the Clubhouse between noon and 6:15 PM. Additional details on voting times, locations, and absentee ballots are outlined in our standing rules. The applicable standing rules sections are here. A sample ballot is provided here. Candidate biographies received can be found here.


If you have any questions, please contact:


Doug Forsyth

Email: Phone: (360) 779-1828


Warren Polensky

Email: Phone: (360) 377-9813


For absentee ballots, please contact the Club Secretary:


Gary Powell

Email: Phone: (360) 613-5636


PSC Notes - County Range Ordinance Edition

Posted October 1, 2014


After two years of meetings, conferences, phone-tag, public hearings, arguments, and a pretty fair amount of comedy we now have a revised Kitsap County Range Ordinance. It’s up on our website and I suggest you read it, if only to see for yourself what it says and not rely on a reporter, a frantic busy-body or even those who try very hard to live a fact-free life.


Meantime, I want to give a few of my views on what we have and how we got here... [read more]