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Lost Membership Cards

Posted September 19, 2016



On a regular basis I receive inquiries about obtaining replacement or duplicate membership cards. I do not issue replacement or duplicate membership cards. A membership card is not required to use the range as a member.



If you are a member and show up at the range without your membership card, simply show the duty range officer picture identification and politely request he look up your name and number on the membership list. It is a basic process that has been in place for several years. If you receive pushback from any of the duty range officers in this situation let me know.


Doug Forsyth



Gate System Adjusted – Afterhours Shooting Resumes

Posted August 26, 2016


Adjustments have been made to our gate system and it is back in service. Afterhours shooting for card holders is open effective immediately.


If the gate system malfunctions in any way, please send an e-mail to Doug Forsyth at and describe what happened.


Doug O’Connor


Poulsbo Sportsman Club


Hunter Sight-In Days for 2016

Posted August 16, 2016


Hunter sight-in days for 2016 will run from September 9 through September 16. We have six shooting benches at 100 yards and four at 200 yards. Rifle calibers up to but not including 50 caliber Browning Machine Gun are welcome. Additional details are provided here.




Larry Scott

Chief Range Officer



PSC Notes – July 2016

Updated July 2, 2016


Welcome to the middle of summer. There are a couple of things on our plate that you might find interesting or heard a little news about and a thing or two that I would like you to think about.


The first thing is minor but in the short term important; due to time conflicts of board members we will not have a quorum for the July General Meeting currently scheduled for the 5th. Of necessity the meeting is cancelled; we will carry the agenda forward to the August meeting... [read more]


Doug O'Connor
Poulsbo Sportsman Club


Gate Repair and Afterhours Shooting *Update*

Updated June 8, 2016


The gate repair project is complete and the gate is back in service. Your old gate card will not work and it has to be replaced. Four sessions for exchanging cards were held and most of the cards have been exchanged. Future sessions will be scheduled based on interest. Bring your old card or the replacement will cost $5. Individual appointments will not be made to exchange cards and they will not be sent out in the US Mail.


Afterhours shooting was reopened effective May 14th. If you are not familiar with the rules, you need to review the afterhours SOP in the member’s secure area.


At this time we do not have any afterhours member orientation classes scheduled. If you want to qualify for an afterhours card, come to the club meetings and express your interest.


Doug Forsyth



Thursday Evening Trap and 5 stand

Posted April 8, 2016


Starting this coming Thursday evening April 14 we will offer both trap and 5 stand shooting from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Open to both club members and the public.


For more info, please visit the Shotgun page.



Bill Bruce

Shotgun Range Area Director

Phone: 360.990.6315