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Kitsap County Shooting Range Ordinance Update

Posted July 28, 2014

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The revised ordinance has been posted HERE and will be presented to the commissioners on the 30th of July (this coming Wednesday) as previously announced.





The version being presented is the version passed by the ordinance committee and that we, PSC, supported. It is the result of almost three years of work, meetings, revision, and revised revision. In several cases it actually changed back from a previous version. Despite the time and difficulty we have it ready to go forward for a decision by the county commissioners. [Read more]


Vote YES on I-591 - Vote NO on I-594

Posted July 26, 2014


UNIVERSAL HANDGUN REGISTRATION... as a gun owner, if that phrase does not reach out of history and grab you from behind then nothing will. It is only a part of what I-594 will do if not defeated. There are 100 days left to stop this nonsense.


The first thing you need to do is to make sure you vote along with your family and friends. If either you or they are not registered to vote, now is the time to get that fixed. The election is November 4th and you must be registered at least 29 days before the election. In Washington you can register on line, via mail, or in person. A good place to start is with the Kitsap County Auditor. Click on Elections and voting. The web site is here:


The second thing to do is educate yourself about the details. I-594 is 18 pages of lies from the opening sentence to the last period. The lies have been swallowed whole and are being regurgitated on a daily basis by the media, the talking heads, and anti-gunners everywhere. Both out of state and in state billionaires are funding the process.


An outstanding two-page point by point I-594 claim rebuttal has been prepared by the NRA. You can download a copy here. A two page talking points summary is provided here. Both of these can be downloaded and printed or forwarded via e-mail.


I-591 serves to protect your firearms rights and I-594 takes your rights away. A one page summary is provided here.



Government Relations Committee


Washington State Fair Booth

Posted July 25, 2014

Bylaws, Standing Rules and Meeting Minutes


The 2014 Washington State Fair runs from September 5th through the 21st in Puyallup. The NRA-ILA will have a booth there to hand out literature and answer questions. If you can volunteer a couple of hours time to serve in the booth, you will receive a free one day pass to the fair.




Contact Adina Hicks via e-mail or phone 425-351-4088. Adina is the Campaign Field Representative for the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division.


Kitsap County Range Ordinance

Posted July 22, 2014

Bylaws, Standing Rules and Meeting Minutes


Kitsap County has announced the following:


The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners will hold a Special Meeting and a Public Hearing on July 30, 2014, beginning at the hour of 3 PM, at the Silverdale Beach Hotel’s East and West Bay Room located at 3073 NW Bucklin Hill Road in Silverdale to consider amendments to the attached draft of the Operational Shooting Permit Ordinance.


To accommodate the general public’s work schedules, the Commissioners plan to keep the hearing open until the early evening with an intermission of a dinner break, which has not been set at this time. The latest revision is available from the county web site here.


There is a revised version of the proposed ordinance which as of this time will be the one discussed that evening. I encourage as many of you as can to attend that meeting and if you are so inclined to speak to the ordinance please do so. In short order we will be posting the club's official position on the revisions, we still need to digest these new changes. Note that this is quite different than what went up a few weeks ago. In very general terms, this is a positive change for us but we will give you more details shortly.


In the meantime, please consider attending in person. Experience tells us that there will be a dozen to twenty members of Kitsap Safe and Quiet, twenty to fifty members of the other clubs and a substantial number of other community members and of course a contingent of busy-bodies. We aren't having an attendance contest but the commissioners deserve to hear our perspective as well as the rest of their constituency. We have maintained a pretty even and considered approach throughout the process and many of you have presented your position to the commissioners but we are at the end of the process and now is a good time for all of us to be heard.


I will keep you posted as new info arrives.


Doug O'Connor
Poulsbo Sportsman Club


Bremerton Brigade Presents

Updated June 18, 2014

Bylaws, Standing Rules and Meeting Minutes


The Bremerton Brigade presents The Summer Rendezvous for 2014 on the primitive range at the Poulsbo Sportsman Club. The rendezvous runs from August 1 through August 3, 2014.


See the flier here for additional details.