Club News & Announcements

Meeting Schedule Changes

Posted June 7, 2018


Several schedule changes for meetings were approved last night at the membership meeting.


The July general membership meeting has been moved from July 3 to July 10 because of the July 4 holiday.


The September general membership meeting has been moved from September 4 to September 11 because of the Labor Day holiday.


The December executive board meeting has been moved from December 25 to December 18 because of Christmas.


The January 2019 general membership meeting has been moved from January 1, 2019 to January 8, 2019 because of the New Year’s holiday.


Doug Forsyth



Membership Update

Posted May 3, 2018

For the 2018 membership year our roster is full at our authorized cap of 750. At the start of the 2018 membership year we had 78 vacant positions. Memberships were offered to 97 people on our waiting list. Some declined due to changes in circumstances and some did not respond to either e-mail or phone messages. If you are still on the waiting list, there are 97 fewer people in front of you today than there were a month ago. You do not have to resubmit your waiting list application.


The process of offering memberships to people on the waiting list took all of the month of April. There are always a few stragglers that make promises they do not keep. The offers that did not get filled and that bothered me the most were those that did not respond. If your contact information changes you need to let me know, otherwise the opportunity to join will pass you by.


An updated waiting list has been posted at the rifle/pistol range office.


Doug Forsyth
PSC Membership



Return of the Club Newsletter

Posted April 26, 2018

For many years membership in the Poulsbo Sportsman Club included a monthly newsletter mailed to your home address. The newsletter stopped several years ago due to increasing costs and the lack of an editor. Web sites and e-mail have not entirely replaced the need for a newsletter.


The Executive Board approved relaunching the Poulsbo Sportsman Club newsletter by electronic delivery; Scot Buessow will be the editor. Now Scot needs some content to edit. Articles, suggestions for articles, and news topics relevant to the Club or shooting sports in general can be forwarded to Scot via e-mail . The first edition will be released as soon as sufficient content is available. We look forward to your contributions and ideas.


Mike Snyder
Poulsbo Sportsman Club


Be A Range Safety Officer

Posted January 4, 2018



Our Range Safety Officers help to make our rifle and pistol ranges safe for both club members and our public shooters. They’re all volunteers, and we always need more of them.




What does it take to be a Range Safety Officer? You have to be a club member and safe shooter yourself, deal effectively with people with a broad range of shooting skills, successfully complete the NRA’s Range Safety Officer course and be willing to work one or two four-hour shifts each month. We’ll train you and we’ll guide you until you’re comfortable with the job.


If supporting Poulsbo Sportsman Club by being a Range Safety Officer interests you, please contact me and I’ll show you what the job entails and answer your questions.


Larry Scott
Range Operations