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Kitsap County Operation Range Permit

Posted September 5, 2015


The Kitsap County Department of Community Development issued our Operational Range Permit on September 4, 2015.


The e-mail forwarding the permit is available here. The actual permit is available here.




Doug O’Connor
Poulsbo Sportsman Club


Kitsap County Shooting Range Ordinance Documents

Updated May 9, 2015


As this thing plays out, here are the documents for reference.


Final Ordinance 515-2014
Emergency Amendment 515a-2014


The Kitsap County Planning Commission has recommended changes to Kitsap County Code Title 17 to add sections on the shooting range ordinance. The changes do not match what was approved by the county commissioners above.

In particular the section (16) on noise was added on the second to the last page.


Proposed Title 17 - Development Ordinance for Shooting Facilities
Title 17 Findings of Fact Planning Commission


Doug O’Connor