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1911 Forum - All things 1911

AR15.com - A good informational site on the AR15 family of rifles and other shooting related information.

AR15 Armory - Another AR15 forum.

Cave Armor - Focused on products that can protect you, your valuables and your home.

Civilian Marksmanship Program - Information on the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Culver's Shooting Page - A forum for many U.S. military rifle collectors and shooters.

Defense Review - Defense and firearms related news articles.

Falcon Gun Shows

The Firearm Blog - A great site for breaking shooting industry and gun news.

The Firearms Forum - Good general information. The .22 Rimfire Forum is a favorite.

The Firing Line - General firearms discussion.

Glock Talk - A forum for Glock enthusiasts.

Guns & Ammo - The Web site for Guns & Ammo Magazine.

GunBlast - An online gun magazine with good gun reviews.

GunTalk Online - A mix of gun interests including good rimfire information.

Handloads - Reloading information.

The High Road - General firearms discussion

Hunting Washington - A Pacific Northwest Hunting and Outdoors Resource Site.

Long Range BPCR - An informational site on Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shooting.

The Michael Bane Blog - He is the producer of three shows on the Outdoor Channel: Best Defense, Cowboys, and Shooting Gallery.

NRA News - News that includes streaming video and online printed material.

The Outdoor Channel - The Outdoor Channel's Wednesday evening line up includes several firearms related TV shows. There is good information here and some content can be viewed online. It is seen locally on Comcast channel 406.

Rimfire Central - Rimfire caliber arms and ammunition.

Ruger Forum - Ruger Firearms.

The Shooter's Forum - Good specific information on gun types and models.

Shooting Times - The Web site for Shooting Times Magazine.

Smith & Wesson Forum - Information on Smith and Wesson firearmsrearms enthusiast's forum.

The Smoking Barrel USA - Interesting articles for gun and shooting enthusiasts that promote responsible gun ownership.

Taurus Firearms - Taurus firearms forum.

WaGuns.org - Washington's Premier Firearms Community

Walther Forum - Information on Walther firearms.

The Washington State Muzzleloader Association


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