PSC Newsletter for November, 2018

Posted October 31, 2018


Daylight Saving Time and After-hours Shooting

Daylight Saving Time changes back to Standard Time on Sunday morning November 4, 2018. This means several changes for the rifle and pistol ranges. Hours of operation will run from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
PST. After the baffle construction project is complete, afterhours shooting will only be allowed on the 7.5/15 yard pistol range as it is the only range with lights. The 100 yard and 200 yard rifle ranges have never been equipped with lights. The lights on the 25/50 yard range were removed as part of the baffle replacement project; at this time there are no plans in place to install new lights on the 25/50 yard range. If you are a member looking to give some time back to the Club, come to an Executive Board meeting and volunteer to manage a project to install new lights on the 25/50 yard range.


Rifle/Pistol Range Improvements Underway

While work is being done on the 25/50 yard Range, the 7.5/15, 100 and 200 yard ranges will be open at intermittent times. E-mails with specifics will be sent to members; check the PSC website for dates we plan to
be open. During the construction, the pistol range is also being improved. To improve visibility, overhead lights will be moved to directly over the shooting bench. Deflector plates are being installed at all shooting positions to prevent ejected casings from hitting the shooter in the adjacent station.


Upcoming Web Site Changes
Our PSCNET.NET web site will undergo a design upgrade and we will be changing to a new web services contractor in the first half of 2019. If you have anything particular you would like to see or have changed, send an e-mail to Doug Forsyth at


Election Committee Update
At the regular membership meeting the nominating committee will bring forward candidates for the following Executive Board (EB) positions: 1) Vice President; one year term, 2) Area Directors for Shotgun and Primitive Ranges, with a term of one year. These positions are voted on by the entire membership, but the candidates usually have a special interest in the area which they seek to represent, and 3) One at-large Director; three year term.


The EB has control of the affairs and property of the club and has responsibility for all financial matters of the club. The club maintains an Officer’s and Director’s liability insurance policy covering those individuals while acting in good-faith for the benefit of the club.


Please note that all candidates must be vested; currently there is 36 month vesting period (any member joined by April 1, 2016 is affected by this rule). However, at the Oct. EB meeting the board will discuss a change to the vesting requirement to one year. If you are interested in running for an office note whether or not the requirement changes, anticipate a single-issue mail on this matter after the vote. If you are considering running call Bill Bruce (360-990-6315) or Doug O’Connor (206-914-5023).


Doug O’Connor and Bill Bruce will serve as the election committee. Any vested member interested in serving in any of these positions is encouraged to contact any member of the EB. E‐mail addresses are in the Officer’s section of the website.


Member Participation

Wally McKendry, our Club Archivist, came across meeting minutes from 1983 discussing the challenges of member involvement in Club activities. 35 years later and the challenge still exists. I've written about this in previous newsletters and in Election Committee notices, so I won't belabor the point. To be successful and meet our vision, the Club needs your active participation, even if it's just one work party a year, or filling an RSO slot once or twice a month. In 2019 the Club will need a new editor for this newsletter. I retired this past August and I'm planning on taking a year off from all external responsibilities (except my Honey-Do list). There is also a need for a Membership Chair. This position does not have to be a Board member but is critical to the success of the Club. As the names implies, the Membership Chair is an appointed position responsible for tracking all current member renewals and new membership applications. Most of the effort is during the annual enrollment period of January – April. The Chair will need a computer, basic Microsoft Office and timely communication skills. Travel to the post office in Poulsbo on a regular basis during the enrollment period is
also a necessity. The process is already developed, and the current Membership Chair will provide training.

Anyone interested in the position should contact Mike Snyder at 253-225-8810 or