PSC Newsletter for September, 2018

Posted September 11, 2018


Training is gearing up with two pistol classes held in August. Scheduling for training is still uncertain due to the timing of the range closure for the baffle replacement project. Discussions continue around lead management on the range with new considerations coming from L&I. This is going to be an ongoing consideration for the EB item. 2019 Board elections are coming up in January. Potential candidates are encouraged to have a conversation to see if what the club needs is something you can provide.


This is a much-discussed item but PSC has about 70 members that do the whole thing, EB, RSO, Range Maintenance, committees and it tends to be the same 70 year after year. Keep in mind that if something is going on at the club that works for you a volunteer did it. If something is getting over-looked or just plain doesn’t happen it’s because a volunteer wasn’t there to do it...[read more]