Poulsbo Sportsman Club, Inc.

Positions Open, Volunteers Needed

Posted April 2, 2018


YOUR club, needs your help.


For PSC to operate and to continue to support the hours we are currently open we need volunteers to fill Vacant Board and Support positions. We also need volunteers to assist with the day to day functions of the Club.



• Rifle/Pistol Area Director (one-year term)
• At Large Director (three-year term)



• Membership Chairman
• Range Maintenance Chairman
• Facilities Maintenance Chairman
• Training Coordinator


With the Membership renewals ending for the 2018 year, now would be a good time to step in and get acquainted with the Membership Chairman functions and be ready before the 2019 renewals start.



• Range Officers Women
• Range Officers Men
• NRA Certified Instructors, Assistant instructors, and Apprentice Instructors
• Line Coaches to help the NRA Instructors on the range.


Range officers (RO's) are required for our facility to be open to the public. Without them we cannot open our gates. In the past couple of months, we have lost the services of a few of our experienced RO’s due to health issues and family and work commitments. If you’ve ever thought about being a Range Officer now is the time to step forward and make it happen. If being the lone Range Officer is holding you back, now is the time get started. You can work with an experienced partner. On busy weekends and holidays, I would like to see two RO’s covering the range. I am not looking for one person for every weekend but a several folks willing to do four hours a month to help OUR club.


Feel free to contact me via phone or email if you would like to know more.


Mike Snyder


Poulsbo Sportsman Club

Phone: 253.225.8810