Poulsbo Sportsman Club, Inc.

Range Safety Rules


1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.


2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.


3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to shoot.


4. Both hearing protection and eye protection are required by all persons on the range.


5. The individual shooting ranges are run independently. The 15 yard range is independent from the 25/50 yard range which is independent from the 100 yard range which is independent from the 200 yard range. Read the overhead signs, as range specific information is provided.


6. BEFORE GOING DOWN RANGE, make sure the range is clear, all GUNS are benched and SAFE with a yellow safety flag installed, and the RED STROBE LIGHTS ARE FLASHING (COLD RANGE).


7. When people are down range, all guns are to remain in a gun box, rack, or case; or on a bench with the slide or cylinder or bolt open with a yellow safety flag inserted and all ammunition and magazines removed (SAFE CONDITION). GUNS or ammo and accessories shall NOT be touched for any reason while the red strobe lights are on and the range is cold. All personnel not down range will stand behind the RED LINE until the strobe lights are turned off and the line is returned to the hot condition.


8. When a range is operating in a HOT condition, all firearms unattended on a bench, shall have the slide or cylinder or bolt open with a yellow safety flag inserted and all ammunition and magazines removed (SAFE CONDITION).


9. Only the ammunition for the gun being used is allowed to be on the bench or open on the firing line.


10. Any gun not functioning properly will be removed from the firing line until repairs are made. Guns will be made safe and unloaded before leaving the firing line. If in doubt, call the Range Officer.


11. RAPID FIRE, more than one shot per 2 seconds is not allowed without prior approval of the Range Officer. All shots must be aimed.


12. Working out of a holster is not allowed on the firing line. Working out of a holster is allowed downrange with prior approval of the Range Officer only if conditions permit downrange shooting.


13. No open carry is allowed on the range except for organized matches. Concealed carry is allowed.


14. Children under 18 must be under the direct control of a NON-SHOOTING adult.


15. Paper targets only on the target line. No bottles, cans, etc. Targets are to be posted on club supplied backboards.


16. Organized matches and scheduled practice sessions may have special nonstandard rules and targets that are approved by the Range Safety Committee and the Executive Board (EB). As a result, the above range rules may be superseded only during these approved matches or practice sessions. These matches or practice sessions will have a designated Range Safety Officer on the range in charge of all areas used just as a Range Officer is in rule 20.


17. Safety is everyone’s concern all of the time. If you see something that is unsafe, take action immediately without confrontation or escalation. If you are not comfortable bringing the unsafe actions to the attention of the individual involved, notify the Range Officer.


18. Anyone doing willful damage to Club property or facilities or demonstrating willful disregard of Range Rules will result in their expulsion from the range.


19. NO alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or illegal drugs will be allowed or consumed on the range. No one who appears to be impaired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed to shoot or remain on the range.


20. When a Range Officer is present, he or she is in charge. The Range Officer's direction is final. Any disputes will be brought to the attention of the EB and the Range Operations Committee by the chief Range Officer. Any person failing to abide by the Range Officer's directions is subject to disciplinary action by the EB.


You may download and print a copy of our range rules HERE


Also, please visit our Range Etiquette page for additional information.